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1. Have you water tested by a reputable retail store to confirm that you have a high cyanuric acid level.


2. Be advised that under extreme circumstances a swimming pool that is empty or partially empty can pop out of the ground or can be foundationaly damaged due to extreme shifting of the earth.  Do not leave your pool empty without removing the hydrostatic plug.


3. Turn off filter and cleaner pump at the master switch.  Make sure that no pump has operated for a minimum of 8 hours to allwo the cyanuric acid to rise to the surface of your pool.


4. Obtain a sump pump.  Most home improvement stores and some swimming pool retail stores have sump pumps avaliable for rent or purchase.


5. Set pump on the first step and drain to the bottom of that step.


6. Repeat by placing the pump on the second step and drain down to the bottom of that step.


7. Repeat again by placing the pump on the third step and drain to the bottom of that step.  Please note: Be sure to follow steps 5-7 in that order.  Cyanuric acid tends to gather towards the surface of the water, this procedure allows you to drain the most concentrated area of the pool at all times.  You always want to drain from the surface down.


8. Refill pool and turn pumps back on.


9. Circulate swimming pool for 24 hours.


10. At this point you will want to have a second sample of water tested.  Please note: most cyanuric acid test kits can only accuratly test up to 100ppm.  Your cyanuric acid may have been much higher than the original test indicated, which may require you to drain your pool a second time.


11. After the cyanuric acid has returned to a normal level in the swimming pool , rebalance the pool water and contact one our employees to discuss the best ways to prevent high cyanuric acid in the future.


* does not gaurantee that this procedure will lower your cyanuric acid to the proper levels the first time, for extremely high levels of cyanuric acid, mulitple or complete draining is sometimes required.